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Ravne is the brand name for quality.
Whatever your demand is, we will supply it in the highest quality,
custom finished at a reasonable price.

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    Almost 400 years of tradition in production of high-grade steels in Ravne gave us rich experience and knowledge. With advanced modern technology, latest machinery and heat treatment and devotion to quality we have become one of the best producers of industrial knives world-wide. 
    Ravne knives (Noži Ravne d.o.o.) are a synonym for quality. It is our business to provide our customers with products of constant quality. We pay special attention to strict control of incoming material, of every stage of manufacture, up to final inspection, packing and  final shipment of finished products. Our commitment to quality is confirmed by our ISO 9001:2008 certification.
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    R&D innovation:
    New Quality of Tool Steel: RAVNE HDC – Heavy Duty Cutting for Double Side Trimming Share Knives


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